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Exercise Equals Insurance! Exercise is a vital component to long-term sustainable weight-loss.

Julia-KarlstadJulia is the president and founder of JKFITNESS, LLC. Previous to owning her own business, she developed and directed an exercise physiology program that consisted of two bariatric hospitals and three medically supervised weight-loss clinics. We are excited to feature Julia and her exercise tips and information. Learn More About Julia Karlstad

Live longer, Be Happier, and Stay Positive

….Through Friendship The world that we live in has become so engulfed in the negative aspect of politics, the countless occurrence of violence, and the over aboundance of Social Media in everyday life; that we often forget to look past any of that and overlook the need to spend more time on ourselves. Taking care [...]

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Stay Focused with These 3 Fit Tips

We’re still fresh into the New Year of 2017 and hopefully you’ve been sticking to all of your fitness resolutions or maybe you’re still trying to get motivated to improve upon your current fitness level. Whichever the case, keep these three tips in mind as you embark upon a more active lifestyle: Find Your Motivation [...]

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It’s Not a Diet…It’s a Lifestyle

One of the biggest issues with diets is that they usually cannot be maintained for a long period of time. In fact, often times people who diet tend to gain more weight over time and studies show that dieting is a consistent predictor of future weight gain. Fad diets became popular and continue to catch [...]

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Quick Workouts for Busy People

  How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t have time for a workout,” or maybe you have said this yourself? There are only 24 hours in a day, and each person has to decide what to do with that time. Often times we wish there were more time in a day, but [...]

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Strong Core

Eighty-percent of adults have experienced some type of back discomfort at some point in their lives, and as a result of those suffering from chronic back pain, the U.S economy is subject to approximately $600 billion dollars annually due to medical needs and missed work. To help live a pain free life, it’s important to [...]

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Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!

You’re probably already thinking of a situation because of the above statement. That’s perfect….as it was meant to make you ponder. As you think about what it is that would make you a happier person, also keep in mind the most important part of the statement….DO! Most people have great expectations for themselves, for their [...]

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Two Keys for Successful Weight Loss

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are really two keys to successful weight loss. First and foremost, you have to PLAN AHEAD! Secondarily you must GO TO THE GROCERY STORE! Sounds simple right? Amazingly the are quite simple, but unfortunately for some they are [...]

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Bulletproof Balance

Balance training is often an overlooked component in many exercise programs, however it must not be ignored. The benefits of building better balance include: less likelihood of age related falls, enhanced coordination during exercise, greater body awareness, and a stronger core…to name a few. Balance can be challenging and sometimes frustrating to train because of [...]

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Healthy Holidays

The holidays can be a very scary time when it comes to staying focused on any weight loss or weight maintenance goals. The pumpkin pie, turkey and gravy, stuffing, candy canes, gingerbread lattés, and holiday cheer can very well create a recipe of disaster as it relates to any weight loss or staying healthy. Sure, [...]

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