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George Stella, a professional chef for more than 30 years, is the official spokesman for the Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen program, which aims to help kids lead healthier lives by encouraging family cooking time. He has appeared on numerous television shows, including two seasons of his own show, Low Carb and Lovin’ It on the Food Network. His family continues to work together today and has written five healthy eating cookbooks. For more information, please visit

A New Year – A New Low-Carb You!

Getting Started So you’re ready to make one of the most important decisions of your life: to change the way you look at food and to change your eating habits. For many people who have successfully lost weight, the moment they knew they could do it was the moment when something just “clicked”. For [...]

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Kicking the Carb Craving

Everyone gets food cravings, whether you are watching your weight or otherwise. These cravings are often for carbohydrates, as they are often the quickest way to get the densest number of calories into your body. When you aren’t eating low-carb, they are your body’s preferred fuel source, so you’re practically hardwired to crave carbohydrates. [...]

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Making a Change

Making a resolution to change is quick and easy. It only takes a moment—a spark of inspiration—to decide that things can be different: that you don’t have to continue down the same path or make the same choices. Things don’t have to spiral out of control. You can resolve to make something better. Resolutions are [...]

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Sweeten Things Up!

As sugar is a carbohydrate, you can’t eat low-carb without cutting out all types of real sugar, including sucrose, glucose, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, added fructose, cane juice, cane syrup, and honey. But once you’ve cut these things out of your diet, you’re inevitably still going to want to indulge in something sweet. You’re [...]

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How Low-Carb Works

First and foremost, I am a chef, not a doctor, nutritionist, or scientist. My experiments are with ingredients, not test tubes. You wouldn’t want a doctor writing recipes (many have), but you should consult a doctor or nutritionist before making changes to the way you eat. You should also understand that my explanation of how [...]

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Motivation & Inspiration

An Essential Change Fifteen years ago, the scene around the Stella family dinner table looked bleak. There was usually a stack of pizza boxes. Empty soda cans and bottles were thrown into a recycling bin between our feet. Then there was us…all twelve hundred-plus pounds of us. George Stella at 467lbs in 1999 [...]

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The Different Low-Carb Plans

You’ve probably heard of several low-carb plans over the years, such as Atkins or Paleo. The options can be a bit overwhelming at first; however, most of these plans share at least one basic principle: eating natural foods that are not processed. Because of this, I have chosen to write all my recipes using only [...]

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Simple Sayings for Livin’ Low Carb

Over the last 17 years since my family started Low Carbing, I have come up with many sayings to help us all keep Livin’ Low Carb and Lovin’ It! ~ You see, sometimes we overcomplicate things and hopefully the one-liners below will simplify what we have found Livin’ Low Carb is really all about! George Stella [...]

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Low Carb on a Budget

There’s no denying that food prices are going up, up and up.  In the short term, it’s devastating many a grocery budget.  In the long term, there’s no telling the impact this can have on our overall health.  More and more families are being pushed into low priced and high calorie convenience (junk) food just [...]

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The Good, the Bad and the Carbohydrate

By now, I am sure that you’ve heard that all carbohydrates are not created equal. The swiftly digested—refined, processed, smashed, bleached, manufactured and who knows what else—“white” carbs have little nutritional value and turn straight into sugar, then fat in your body. These bad carbs are things like white flour, white rice, potatoes, sugar and [...]

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