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I am the President and Founder of JKFITNESS, LLC. I have worked in the fitness industry and specifically the medical wellness community for over ten years. I am extremely passionate about helping people change their lives through fitness. I have a Master’s of Education in Exercise Science as well as a Bachelor of Science in Basic Sciences from the United States Air Force Academy. I authored a book in August of 2009 that is specifically about exercise as it relates to weight loss: Rx Fitness for Weight Loss: The Medically Sound Solution to Get Fit and Save Your Life. I've also written for numerous publications and am a motivational speaker of health and wellness. www.jk-fit.com | www.juliakarlstad.com

Motivation and Exercise

We don’t need an expert to tell us that the more we enjoy doing something, the more of it we will do. If you are pursuing a health or fitness goal and the journey becomes unpleasant, you run the risk of burnout. So how do you stay the course and keep the fire burning? Here are [...]

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How Does Your Personal Trainer Measure Up?

All personal trainers ARE NOT created equal, just like not all doctors are the same, nor are all physical therapists, chefs, hair stylists, massage therapists, baristas, or psychologists created equal.  And when I say people within the same professions are not the same, I’m referring to their education, area of expertise, passion, experience and [...]

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To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

You hear it all of the time, “you have to workout every day if you want to lose weight,” unfortunately that’s a fairly general statement and I do not agree with it in its entirety because there are other factors to consider. Losing weight will not require you to workout every day but it will [...]

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Yoga is for everyBODY!

We've all seen them, those girls with the mats sweating it up in a local hot yoga class. Or maybe the ones pretzeling themselves into crazy positions. You've probably even seen the ones chanting in a foreign language and letting out “Oms”. Maybe it made you think yoga can't possibly be for you, or that [...]

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Stay Focused with These 3 Fit Tips

We’re still fresh into the New Year of 2017 and hopefully you’ve been sticking to all of your fitness resolutions or maybe you’re still trying to get motivated to improve upon your current fitness level. Whichever the case, keep these three tips in mind as you embark upon a more active lifestyle: Find Your Motivation [...]

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Two Keys for Successful Weight Loss

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are really two keys to successful weight loss. First and foremost, you have to PLAN AHEAD! Secondarily you must GO TO THE GROCERY STORE! Sounds simple right? Amazingly the are quite simple, but unfortunately for some they are [...]

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Healthy Holidays

The holidays can be a very scary time when it comes to staying focused on any weight loss or weight maintenance goals. The pumpkin pie, turkey and gravy, stuffing, candy canes, gingerbread lattés, and holiday cheer can very well create a recipe of disaster as it relates to any weight loss or staying healthy. Sure, [...]

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Your Body = Your Gym

Do you think you need to go to a gym to get a good workout? Do you struggle with getting in your car and actually driving to the gym or maybe you’re just too tired after work and you don’t feel like making an extra stop. Guess what, you don’t need to go to a [...]

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Eat Less & Move More

The holiday season has finally passed, spring is officially here, and now you can confidently resume your weight loss journey! You are motivated and eager to lose those additional pounds before the summer and you’re not going to let anyone or anything sabotage your efforts to look and feel better for the warmer weather. I’m [...]

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