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Meet Jane

Jane Sylvestre has been a dietitian for over 25 years, 10 of those specifically dedicated to bariatrics. Currently, Jane works for the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Care New England in Warwick, RI. Jane is also the Local Event Leader for our 2019 Rhode Island Walk from Obesity, and captain of the current [...]

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Meet Abby

In 2018 Abby joined the Chicago, IL Walk from Obesity. Shortly before the Walk, Abby underwent bariatric surgery after feeling like her health was spiraling out of control. “It's only been 12 weeks since my surgery and I feel so different already! I've lost about 50 pounds and my energy is already so much [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Cathy Carr-Dadin

In this month's Walker Spotlight we spoke with Cathy Carr-Dadin. Cathy participated in the 2017 and 2018 Maryland/DC Walk from Obesity as not only a bariatric surgery patient but as a Bariatric Coordinator for the Saint Agnes Bariatric Surgery program. "I had a BMI of 58 and as a nurse, I knew this was [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Deana Sroka

Like many other Walk from Obesity participants, Deana is a weight loss surgery patient. She told us that she decided to have surgery because she was "tired of being sick and tired." Deana was an elite competitive figure skater in her 20’s and knew that being overweight was preventing her from doing the things she loved. "I had lost my [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Olivia Smith

On a mission to achieve a healthier lifestyle for herself and her daughter Olivia underwent gastric sleeve surgery. She said after surgery "I'm able to do more with my daughter as far as outside activities. I'm able to walk more and not be out of breath. I can even walk up the escalators now [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Tina King

In this month’s Walker Spotlight we spoke with Tina King. Tina first participated in the Cleveland, OH Walk from Obesity in 2015, and has been a continued supporter ever since. Tired from pain caused by obesity, Tina decided to under go weight loss surgery in 2008. She was off to a good start, losing approximately 205 [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Heather Hawk-Funk

For the past three years Heather Hawk-Funk, her husband, and her friend Megan have participated in the Cleveland, OH Walk from Obesity. Heather learned about the Walk from Obesity through a support group in her area and from ASMBS member Karen Schulz. Heather told us she weighed over 300 pounds and needed to do something to get her life back. That is when [...]

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Walker Spotlight: Dorald Turner

This month we caught up with Walker Dorald Turner from Myersville, MD. Dorald participated in her first Walk from Obesity event in 2016. She was invited to join the Maryland/DC Walk by her bariatric support group at Holy Cross Health. Dorald knew she needed to lose weight in order to regain her health. So [...]

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