Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!

///Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!

You’re probably already thinking of a situation because of the above statement. That’s perfect….as it was meant to make you ponder. As you think about what it is that would make you a happier person, also keep in mind the most important part of the statement….DO!

Most people have great expectations for themselves, for their lives, for their careers, for their family, but they forget to actually physically imply activities to make those expectations become a reality. As you wonder around in your daily life, take a look at how many times you recognize different cues on exactly what should be making you happy? But that’s just it….do you actually take the time to be aware of the things around you that can already help make you happy?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Do more with what you already have.

“Life is a Journey, not a destination!” Enjoy the journey of life along the way; follow a path that allows you the most comfort while traveling to each destination along the way, but recognize that the destinations are simply check points along the way; cherish each moment and enjoy the journey of life.

“Happiness is a decision, what will you decide?” Don’t allow others to get you down. Happiness is really about how you react to the situations not the situation itself. There are going to be ups and downs, but your attitude will determine your true happiness.

If what makes you happy is giving, then give more. If what makes you happy is loving, then love more. If what makes you happy is learning, then learn more. If what makes you happy is traveling, then travel more. If what makes you happy is entering competitions, then enter more of them. People that do more, live longer lives. People that do more are healthier and tend to live longer lives. In the end all of these people are happier because they do.

Don’t look back for long; move forward, open new doors, do new things, and be curious. Curiosity can lead to new paths.

AmandaAlbiarArticle Written by:
Amanda Albiar, BA Kinesiology, NCSF-CPT
Dance, Health and Fitness Professional



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