Hosting an Event FAQs


Our frequently asked questions will provide basic information about the application process and hosting a Walk from Obesity event. Once your application is received, we will then provide you with our Walk from Obesity Committee Guide and schedule a phone interview to discuss the Walk and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Randy Slade, Program and Events Director, via email or by phone at 866-471-2727.

What are the Requirements to Host an ASMBS Foundation Walk from Obesity?2018-11-26T10:53:08-04:00

An application must be submitted by the posted deadline. All of the qualifications and requirements listed below must be met in order for your application/event to be considered for approval.

  1. At least one individual listed on the application must be an active member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). This individual can be the Event Leader, Presenting Sponsor, or a Walk Committee Member (facilitating member).
  2. The listed Event Leader/Committee Chair must be committed to organizing the event and following all guidelines set forth by the ASMBS Foundation in the Walk Planning Guide and throughout the planning process by the ASMBS Foundation staff. The Event Leader must be able to dedicate several hours per week to the planning of the event leading up to the Walk date. Creating a local Walk Committee of 3+ members is HIGHLY recommended.
  3. A phone interview with a member of the ASMBS Foundation staff may be required to discuss Walk best practices. We will contact you with times and dates to choose from.
  4. A $1,000 minimum sponsorship that must be paid within 60 days of your application being approved. This donation is typically paid by the company that will be listed as the Presenting Sponsor of the event. If there is more than one company that will be “Co-Presenting” the event, each company must pay a minimum of $500 each.
  5. All statements of commitment in the application agreement must be agreed upon. The “Application Agreement” is located at the bottom of the online application.

Please note: The number of approvals may be limited. Walk locations will be determined and strategically chosen by the ASMBS Foundation. Approval of your application will be based on the location, previous Walk planning experience, success of previous Walks, phone interview, budget, etc

What is the difference between the two types of events? Walk from Obesity and Walk from Obesity+Fitness Fun Run?2018-11-26T10:55:30-04:00

Presenters will have the option to host a traditional Walk from Obesity event or a Walk from Obesity+ Fun Run event. All guidelines will be the same for each type of event and will primarily work the same way.

Hosting a traditional Walk from Obesity will focus on “walking” and will be promoted as such. Participants may choose to walk, jog, or run at this type of event, depending on what the venue/track allows. Hosting a Walk from Obesity + Fun Run event will bring “running” into the focus of the event, along with “walking” and will be promoted as such. This may help to attract participants that are more interested in a Run versus a Walk.

Events that include the Fun Run option should maintain that it is just that; a Fun Run is a non-competitive run and there should never be any type of race or placement involved in the run. Both types of events should be considered non-competitive and should allow participants to walk/run as much or as little as they want and should never be longer than a 5K (3.1 miles). Multiple routes or distance options should be provided.

The event’s online registration page will reflect which type of event you are hosting. Please choose the type of event you wish to host on the application. This can be changed after the application is submitted if you wish to switch the type of event you are hosting. A deadline will be provided for making that change.

What is the role of the local Walk Committee and/or Event Leader?2018-11-26T11:04:38-04:00

A local Walk Committee is a key factor to the success of your Walk. A committee of at least 3 individuals is highly recommended. Some of the top responsibilities of the Walk Committee and Committee Chair/Event Leader are:

  • Ensure that all guidelines set forth by the ASMBS Foundation are followed.
  • Find and secure a location/venue to host the Walk.
  • Obtain necessary permits.
  • Recruit local sponsors/vendors for the Walk.
  • Distribute marketing materials throughout the community (brochures, flyers).
  • Invite strong leaders to form Walk teams to help recruit participants.
  • Work with rental companies for items needed the day of the Walk (tables, chairs, sound equipment).
  • Find ways to advertise the event through FREE local community announcements, bulletin boards, by using local media, TV, radio, and print. (The ASMBS Foundation does not pay for advertising)
  • Ensure that expenses are kept to a minimum and expense guidelines are followed.
  • Keep up-to-date on emails and communications from the ASMBS Foundation staff/office.
  • Setup, take down, and cleanup of the event the day of the Walk.

Please note: The Event Leader/Committee Chair must be able to devote several hours per week to the planning of the event. Forming a Walk Committee of 3+ members is highly recommended.

Is there a fee to host a Walk?2018-11-26T11:07:04-04:00

There is a required minimum $1,000 Presenting Sponsor event donation.

The Presenting Sponsor event donation is due within (60) days of your application being approved. This donation will help to cover the start-up cost and materials for your event, and will count as income towards your event’s fundraising goal. The donation will also count as your organization’s sponsorship, allowing your organization to be listed as a “Presenting Sponsor.” Presenting sponsors receive top-billing on the online registration page and shirts.

If the event will be co-presented by two or more companies, each company must pay a minimum sponsorship donation of $500 each to be listed as a Presenting Sponsor. Please list all companies that will be co-presenting on the application as this will be taken into account when approving the application. Each Presenting Sponsor should also have a member on the planning committee.

Please note: The Presenting Sponsor Donation is non-refundable. If you must cancel your event after the donation has been made, your donation will be considered a general donation to the ASMBS Foundation.

Who pays for the local event expenses?2018-11-26T11:09:54-04:00

The ASMBS Foundation will cover the costs of items that are considered a necessity item in order for the event to take place. Guidelines will be provided that must be followed in order for expenses to be paid directly or reimbursed by the ASMBS Foundation. Any expense over $250 must be pre-approved by an ASMBS Foundation staff member. Since this is a fundraising event, we ask that you try to get as many event necessity items donated as possible to help keep cost down and to help make your event a financial success. We strongly suggest that your local expenses stay below 15% of what you plan to raise to ensure that you have a successful fundraising event.

Appropriate Items (The ASMBS Foundation will cover the cost of these items):

  • Table and chair rentals
  • Permits
  • Venue charge
  • Event signage and printing
  • Sound equipment rental
  • Delivery fees
  • Generator rentals
  • Portable toilet rentals
  • Coloring Contest supplies
  • Other items deemed a necessity that must have pre-approval by an ASMBS Foundation staff member.

Inappropriate Items (The ASMBS Foundation does NOT cover the cost of these items):

  • Participant giveaways or raffle prizes (these items may be donated as in-kind)
  • Office equipment (computers, cameras)
  • Entertainment or food
  • Professional photographer
  • Third-party event planners or marketing staff
  • Alcohol
  • Advertising (paid advertising)
  • Additional activities (bounce house, games, etc.)
  • Tents
  • Team t-shirts
  • Decorations (balloon arch, etc.)
  • Guest speakers
What marketing materials and tools are provided by the ASMBS Foundation?2018-11-26T11:20:02-04:00

Our office provides many tools to help in the planning and promoting of your Walk. We will provide you with an unlimited amount of Walk from Obesity brochures. The brochures can be used in mailings or placed at local businesses to help promote your Walk.

We also provide several online and electronic tools including a local sponsorship prospectus, social media support, a customized Walk flyer, and an online registration and fundraising system for your participants. An official Facebook event will be managed by the ASMBS Foundation through the Walk from Obesity Facebook page.

Email communications will also be sent to you as needed with helpful tips and information you will need throughout the planning process. Emails will also be sent by the ASMBS Foundation to registered Walk participants leading up to the Walk. These emails encourage participants to fundraise and recruit others to join the Walk.

Materials that are needed for your Walk are also provided. Those materials will include the official Walk from Obesity t-shirt, a Walk from Obesity banner (with National Sponsors listed), fundraising prizes, sponsor plaques, etc.!

The minimum event fundraising goal is $10,000, what happens if I do not meet that goal?2018-11-26T11:21:11-04:00

A minimum fundraising goal of $10,000 is required to be set by each event. All income from your event will go towards this goal and every effort possible to meet the goal is expected (this includes soliciting for local sponsorship). Income for your event will include: the Presenting Sponsor event donation, local sponsorships, raffle monies collected, participant registration donations, donations collected by participants, and any other funds you raise by other means.

There are no additional fees involved if the goal is not met. We encourage each event to strive to meet this minimum goal to ensure a successful fundraising event and to cover expenses. If the goal is not met, future applications to host could be denied. If you have concerns about this, we will be happy to discuss those with you.

Please note: In-kind donations (non-cash items) may not be included as income towards your fundraising goal

Should we recruit local companies to be a local sponsor?2018-11-26T11:23:11-04:00

Yes! The Walk from Obesity is intended to be a community event and should never be considered a private event for one sole sponsor. Local sponsors are the key to bringing several local hospitals, doctors, and local businesses together to provide an event that will raise awareness and benefit the entire local community. Local sponsors provide financial support for your Walk, but can also promote your Walk and help increase attendance. Any person/company that shares our mission or provides services within the scope of our cause should always be welcome and encouraged to become a local sponsor.

Local sponsors are also important to your participants. Almost every level of local sponsorship will include an exhibitor table at the event. This will allow local companies to share information with participants about their services and/or provide samples and other goodies for the participants. Many participants may expect this so it is important to get as many companies to support and attend as possible.

Your local sponsorship prospectus will also be listed on our website. The ASMBS Foundation staff will handle collection of donations, company logos, and approval of sponsorships. The role of the local committee is to get the prospectus in the hands of local companies that would be a good fit for the event.

The Presenting Sponsor/Event Leader/Committee are required to solicit local companies for local sponsorship.

Where can I host the event and how long does the Walk route have to be?2018-11-26T11:24:57-04:00

The Walk can be held at many types of venues. Those venues may include: community parks, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, churches, sports venues, and more! Keep in mind that a safe and easy walking path will need to be provided. We recommend that your Walk be at least 1 mile in length, but not longer than a 5K (3.1 miles). It is also suggested to provide a Walk route that will allow participants to choose how far they walk, as the Walk from Obesity is a set your own pace event.

The Walk from Obesity should not be considered an athletic event, but as an event to provide participants a “choose your own pace” walking/running event. Also, participants do not have to walk to participate, they may choose to cheer on and encourage the other walkers from the finish line. If you will be hosting a Walk from Obesity + Fun Run, please take that into consideration when choosing your venue and route(s), as a route good for walking and running will be needed.

Any venue rental charge over $250 must be pre-approved by the ASMBS Foundation. When choosing a venue, keep in mind you will need a safe walking path, a space for exhibitor tables, parking, and restrooms. Finding a venue that provides tables, chairs, and sound equipment can also be beneficial and may save money in the end.

What date should I choose?2018-11-26T11:30:39-04:00

Date options will be provided on the application for you to choose from. You may apply for a Spring or Fall date. The date you choose on the application will be considered “tentative” and can be changed if needed, as long as the date change is in the same season (Spring or Fall). A date change may also be needed due to availability of your venue.

When choosing a tentative date consider the weather at the time as well as other events that may be taking place on that day that would be competition for your Walk (other Walks, sporting events, holidays, etc.).

We also recommend that you choose an event date that will allow you a minimum of 4 months to plan and organize your event.

Do participant (walkers) have to pay to participate in the event?2018-11-26T11:32:39-04:00

Since the Walk from Obesity is a fundraiser, we do require a minimum donation from each participant that registers to participate. This donation fee will be determined by the ASMBS Foundation staff before the launch of each Walk season. Determination of registration donation amount is based on budgetary needs, national sponsors, etc. The registration donation amount will be determined in the coming months.

There are also opportunities to allow free registration with the use of a promo code. Many levels of local sponsorship do include promo codes that will allow participants to register for “no fee” and are limited based on the sponsorship level. Promo codes may also be purchased for an additional donation if you wish to offer a “no fee” registration option with the use of a promo code for the general public. Please contact a staff member for details.

Registration will give a person access to the event,  a personal online fundraising page, access to any giveaways that may be available at the event from local sponsors. The registration fee is also considered a donation from the participant and goes towards your event’s fundraising goal.

Can the Walk be held in conjunction with any other event?2018-11-26T11:33:39-04:00

The Walk from Obesity must be a standalone event. It cannot be held in conjunction with, nor publicized with any other event. This includes: health fairs, company picnics, parties, or any other Walk or Run. All funds collected through the Walk from Obesity must be paid to the ASMBS Foundation

Once my application is approved, when may I start planning my Walk?2018-11-26T11:37:47-04:00

Confirmation of application being received will be emailed to you once you submit the application online. A staff member will then contact you to set up a conference call to discuss the event and answer any questions you may have (allow up to 14 days). Once the conference call is completed a final approval will be given within 14 business days. This should provide an approval of application within 30 days of submission.

You will then have 60 days to pay your Presenting Sponsor Donation (PSD) after approval has been given by an ASMBS Foundation staff member. You may also begin the planning of your event once your application is approved.

An official kickoff date will be set for all events taking place in our Spring/Fall Walk season. This date will act as the official date when Walk cities will be announced, online event pages will be made active, and marketing materials will be mailed to you.

Can funds raised be shared with any other entity?2018-11-26T11:36:39-04:00

The Walk from Obesity is the ASMBS Foundation’s largest fundraising program and is very important in allowing us to support our mission. 100% of the funds raised through your local event will go to the ASMBS Foundation to support our mission and goals. No funds raised through or at the event can be shared with any other organization or entity.

How do I Apply to Host an Event?2018-11-26T11:42:12-04:00

We offer a list of available dates to choose from. If a date is not listed, please contact an ASMBS staff member to discuss the date and receive approval to apply for that date.

Please note: A minimum time frame of 4 months for planning and preparation is highly recommended. Please choose a Walk date that will allow yourself enough time to plan your event.

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