Everyone is constantly searching for the final solution to lose weight once and for all, and this is where we need to stop for a minute and ask ourselves if we’re “keeping it real” on every level of weight loss! When I say levels of weight loss, I’m referring to each component that makes up a successful weight loss program. It’s very important to evaluate each area; here are a few tips on how to keep each level real so that you can meet and surpass your weight loss goals.

DIET – Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I eating real food? In other words is the food all natural and could you raise it or grow it? If the answer is yes you’re heading down the right path.
  2. Do you have to open it to eat it? We live in world of processed, artificial and prepackaged foods. Stay away from these food types; they are generally located in the aisles of a grocery store; stick to the outer perimeter.
  3. Do you have any idea how many calories you’re consuming each day? Keep a food journal and tally up your total caloric intake on a popular app such as Lose It! or myfitnesspal.

EXERCISE – You have to create a negative caloric balance in order to lose weight. Exercise can help you achieve this balance, but if you exercise without paying close attention to your caloric intake you will struggle losing weight. Just remember that you only burn about 100 calories for every one mile walked or jogged. Be consistent with your exercise and be sure to include cardio and strength training.

SLEEP – How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Sleep allows your body to rest, rebuild and get ready for the next day. Six to eight hours of real/uninterrupted sleep is ideal for weight loss success. If you’re constantly sleep deprived you’re setting yourself up for weight gain.

SOCIAL/FAMILY – Have you shared your desire to lose weight with family and friends? Are they being supportive or are they sabotaging your efforts? Be real with your family and friends, if they aren’t being supportive let them know how it makes you feel and don’t allow them to bring you down. If need be distance yourself from them.

MENTAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL – We all have self-talk, inner conversations. How do yours sound? Are they uplifting and positive or negative and depressing? Staying positive is critical to your success. Keep your inner voice full of I will and I can…lose weight, be consistent with exercise, be positive, look beautiful, be strong, and accomplish my goals!